A waste heat recovery boiler/heat exchanger, is used to Generate Steam, Heating water, Air, or any other fluid, by utilizing the heat content of the flue gases from any combustion process, such as Furnaces, Internal Combustion Engines (like engine driven electric generators), Gas Turbines, Incinerators, ...etc, these flue gases when driven/guided to air/ambient without the use of it (thermally) is so-called: Waste Heat, if utilized as described above, it shall cool down to a reasonable limit, up to condensing them, if need be, either cases save the consumer a lot of money, save our plant from global warming & reduces emissions.

T-Diverters are mainly used in our waste heat recovery solutions, to divert the incoming flue gas flow to another direction, This process is achieved by using T-pipe containing a dual damper mechanically linked externally so that when one is opened, the other is closed, or partial positioning synchronized.

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