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With capable & experienced  staff of engineers, aaaaa headed by  professional CEM’s engineers, we provide Engineering solutions/studies, Serving many industrial sectors, power generation, oil & gas industry, hotels, motels, resorts, hospital & commercial buildings, form basic conceptual design, till the very detailed engineering design, covering IPP’s project requirements & studies, Gen farms power generating plants (Diesel, HFO, Gaseous), Gas turbines power generating plants, waste heat recovery, energy combination / switching ( fossil fuel, solar, solid waste, solid organic fuels) disposal / utilization, steam plants, hot water plants, fuel handling & storage fire-fighting plants.

Supply / Sell products serving  many industrial sectors, including (not limited to) ; food & beverages, dairy industry, dying & textiles, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, vehicles paint shops, hotels, motels, hospitals, resorts, commercial buildings, oil & gas, electric power generation plants, …and many more, Product offered includes (not limited to) waste recovery boilers (steam, water, thermal fluids), direct fired boilers (steam, water, thermal fluids), combination boilers (steam, water, thermal fluids), with or without economizers/super heaters, Non-fired boilers (electric, coiled exchangers).
We provide full Turnkey solutions / Installations, utilizing the products listed in our specialty sales in a complete operable project, in & outside Egypt, with a highly skilled technicians, welders, pipe fitters, electricians, and engineers, with aided tools & equipment carrying out the scope required against each case / project, this ensures that the offered products are installed & hooked-up properly to serve as long as it should, safely.

Our Lloyds certified Class 1 fusion welded marine pressure vessels workshop, with applied EN standards and ASME standards for WPS & PQR, provide quick, efficient & economical packaged products / solutions such as ; purpose  built boilers (steam, hot water) shell & tube heat exchangers, waste heat recovery boilers, combination boilers, Pumping Stations, Steam Condensate recovery units, Feed water desecrators, Hot well tanks, Blow down vessels, Steam manifolds, Pressure reducing & control stations, Liquid fuel oil tanks with pumping stations, chimney & flue passages / ducts, Hydrophones, T-Diverters for waste heat boilers, …..

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